Millionz Restaurant & Bar
WE PROVIDE: Best Food's.

Welcome to Millionz Restaurant and Bar, a multi-story downtown diner and drinking establishment that is sure to satiate your hunger and quench your thirst!

Here in our dining establishment, not only will you find a variety of delicately prepared dishes in an enjoyable and relaxed space, ranging from classic American food to delectable Italian cuisine.

Best of all, we guarantee that you’ll be as happy with our products as you are with our affordable prices!

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We offer a variety of different dishes!

Unlike other dining establishments, Millionz Restaurant and Bar offers a wide variety of different food that is sure to tickle your taste buds.

From traditional American dishes to classic Italian food, we guarantee that you’ll find something that will strike your fancy when you dine with us!

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We provide a sizable selection of different drinks!

As our name suggests, the Millionz Restaurant and Bar isn’t just a dining establishment but also a place to relax with your friends over some drinks!

And here we provide a sizable selection of different beverages, from alcoholic drinks to fruit juices that is guaranteed quench your thirst!

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Affordable prices!

What separates the Millionz Restaurant and Bar from the rest of our competitors is that we offer reasonably affordable prices. After all, we want you to enjoy our food and beverages without costing you a small fortune in the process.

And by choosing us, you’ll undoubtedly be as happy with our products as you are with the cost!

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Inquiries and reservations

If you have any questions, want to book a reservation or secure our catering services, please get in touch with us at our hotline, +1 213-891-0901.

We’re open daily from 10 in the morning to 12 midnight. You can also send us an email at [email protected] We can’t wait to hear from you!


Here at the Millionz Restaurant and Bar, we take great pride in our excellent food, beverages, and services. But what separates us from our competitors is that we don’t just make claims. We back it up. And below you will find just a few testimonials written by our satisfied patrons. If you would like to leave your own, please don’t hesitate to do so down below.

Feel free to tell us how you feel about the website. We would listen to you and make sure that we have the necessary changes.

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