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Here at the Millionz Restaurant and Bar, we offer a staggering selection of different dishes and drinks to fill your heart’s content. But because of the wide variety of food and beverages we offer, we have decided to give an overview of our menu rather than specificities.

If you would like a more complete list, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to send you an attachment of our complete menu.


For those who are into hearty American food, we offer a good selection of burgers, hotdogs and steaks that are sure to leave you asking for seconds!


From French onion soup and cassoulet to beef bourguignon, we have a good selection of French dishes that you’re bound to enjoy!


In the mood for traditional German food? We offer a sizable number of German dishes that include, but isn’t necessarily limited to, roast beef stew, pork knuckle, and beef roll that are sure to tickle your taste buds!


For those looking for classic Italian food, you’re in luck! With our selection of different pastas and pizza, we have little doubt that you’ll have all the Italian dishes that you could ever want.


Perfect on hot days and nights, our wide selection of beers is guaranteed to quench your thirst on any day of the week!


From Martinis to Bloody Mary’s, our bartenders can mix any drink that you want.


What separates us from the rest of the competition?

The two things that separate the Millionz Restaurant and Bar from its competitors is our wide selection of different dishes and drink and our competitive prices.

When you Millionz, not only are you guaranteed to have a dining experience like no other. But you also won’t pay any more than you need to as well!

Feel free to tell us how you feel about the website. We would listen to you and make sure that we have the necessary changes.

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